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The Answer II

by Jordan Bezugly
Ok, you know the answer. But did you know that Miata is also always...
  • the most effective twerk avoidance vehicle (TAV).
  • Bored Elon Musk's ride of choice.
  • what you should have for lunch.
Shirt Color: By Royal Blue Decree
Sale ended: 03-08-2020
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The Final Lap
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The Answer II
Q ray
by Ar Rizza Deli Henri
Artist Specs
  • Name: Jordan Bezugly
  • Location: ON, Canada
  • Website/FB:
Artist Profile
Jordan is an AV Systems Engineer by day, but by night he’s a wrench, graphic designer, photographer and racing nut. When he’s not working, you can typically find him behind the wheel of his British Racing Green BRZ or hitting the trails and the water with an arsenal of outdoor toys.