by Salman Anjum
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You're going to do it this time. You're going to head in, no fear (well, maybe a little) and not going to lift. You can't even THINK about lifting. Once you're in it 100%, that's it man. Foot to the floor or lift, spin out and crash. Deep breath, here we go, eyes up! You Only Lift Once.
Shirt Color: Go Flat Grey
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The Final Lap
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On Rails
Artist Specs
  • Name: Salman Anjum
  • Location: Greater London, UK
  • Website/FB: Salman.org
Artist Profile
UK bloke Salman Anjum loves to draw. Though most of his talent is put to work for a nutrition education charity, Salman never misses a chance to put his automotive passion onto paper. Currently driving a CLK roadster, Salman is also a massive football fan (soccer in freedom terms) and follows Manchester United...read more!