by Luke Henry
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Japan is an endless pit of amazing and unique oddities. So naturally their cars are no different. The Kei to success hasn't changed much: mid-rear layout, lightweight, and fancy doors. Only difference is you've got 660 cubic centimeters in which to have fun with, and that's plenty.
Shirt Color: BlacKei
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Luke Henry
  • Location: Indianapolis, IN
Artist Profile
Luke is an avid gearhead and aspiring young architect. In his free time he can be found watching vintage Group B rally films, working all three pedals of a 6 speed Mini Clubman, or wistfully perusing Bring a Trailer auctions in search of weird and wonderful cars. He thinks that the Volvo 240 is the greatest vehicle of all time, and that writing about himself in the third person is super strange.