20 Classic Designs Till 4/4

Ah, the joys of April Fools' Day. Sticky-note covered cars, loose salt shaker tops, and the inevitable whoopee cushion. This year, you've got something better to look forward to... the Apex Everything 2016 Sale - this ain't no joke!

The BS design engineers have been hibernating in a dark windowless room all winter with one goal: imagine the besto-restomods ever! They emerged for spring a little pasty, with an "interesting" odor, and with the top 20 torso-tastic designs since the dawn of blipshift! These modern classics can be yours from Thursday, March 31 @ 10 PM EDT through Monday, April 4.

Bonus! If your drag-strip relexes kick in for a quick mouse click or phone screen tap, you may just score an early bird giveaway. We've also got some new stickers and brand spankin' new Note Car(d)s so you can write your buddy a sweet sympathy note about how he got passed (by you) on the final corner. Read on for more deets...

Apex the skies

Do you enjoy drifting a suitcase around the baggage carousel and shaving milliseconds off your layover time? Maybe you find yourself rolling over the kerbing in the security line (oh wait, that's the TSA dudes toe!!)? Whatever the case, you're gonna need a 2016 Apex Hunting License Luggage Tag!

Luggage Tag FrontLuggage Tag Back

We're giving away 500: 250 for the first tee or apparel orders after the sale goes live at 10 PM Thursday, and another 250 for the first orders after the blipshift Updates email is sent. If you miss out on the bonus tags (nooo...) they can still be purchased separately (yeees)!

Not-so Stationary

Everyone knows a racecar looks better in motion than stationary…that is unless it’s on our new new Note Car(d)s stationary! While your local drug store may have a card section for “cousins brothers dogs belated funny birthday”, there definitely isn't one for "Congrats on Apexing Everything". That’s where we come in, with our new Note Car(d)s (that’s a silent “d”). Now you can get a set of 7 race-themed designs in blank card form. Buy them as gifts, give ‘em to your friends, or just keep them as mini-posters for yourself.

Note Cards HPDE ChampNote Cards Faster


Your toolbox may have one square inch of original paint showing, but not for long. We’ve stickerized some top designs like “Pet Snail” “Swedish Racing Green” and “+2S”. We’ve also got “Like Butter” now available as a decal to celebrate your six-y choice of engine.

Need more shift? Don't worry, we've got your back...and neck...and feet...and head, as for this sale only we’ve also 20% off select Accessories*. Ties, socks, hats and more are on sale for a limited time.

*Excluding new stickers, luggage tags, and stationary

Moar Bonus

Need to rationalize those extra additions to your cart? Well for every 5 apparel items* you get a bonus tee! ($15 value, coupons delivered after the sale ends). And don't forget: orders of 3 or more apparel items* ship for free, so bundle up! Spring cleaning can wait, you've got shirt to do.

If your drawers are full of shirt, try this, but our 20 tremendous designs can also be ordered as posters to add pizazz to your mancave/garage/entire house. Posters range from $20-22 depending on the design. For more info, have a gander at our FAQ.

*Qualifying merchandise only. Includes tees, long sleeves, tanks, hoodies, posters, socks, ties, and hats

Shipping & Returns

Your bounty will ship 1-2 weeks after the sale ends, though larger orders may take longer to process than a single item. Returns & exchanges will follow our regular process.