Zig Zam Zoom

by Brandon Horsch
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Oh those keys? Yeah they’re mine. It’s for a marque you’re probably never heard of. Gullwing doors… mid engined… 9000 rpm redline with a turbo. You want a ride? Well ok then, but I gotta ask: how much pilates do you do? Better skip that second hot dog too, or my 0-60 is shot.
Sale ended: 09-30-2021
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Artist Specs
Name: Brandon Horsch Location: Waterford, MI Website/FB:

Brandon is fascinated by kei cars. When he isn't driving or wrenching, he's 3d printing his own custom car parts in his home studio. His widebody AZ-1 can be seen tearing up track days and autocrosses from the shores of Lake Michigan to the hills of Pennsylvania. He brings his passion to life by creating art inspired by his favorite car genre.

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