BS Black Flag Friday Sale

Cheaper International Shipping

Starting with The 24 Hours of BS on Aug. 1, we will now ship all items in one package per order. International shipping rates will be $11.90 for the first t-shirt and $4 for each additional t-shirt in the same order. This results in overall shipping costs that suck less than before. Shipping rates for Hoodies remain the same. 

Canada and US shipping rates are unchanged.

Countdown to 24 Heures du BS


That sounds like a lot of bs.

It’s for real and no, you won’t see large piles of cow dung when it’s finished.

On August 1, blipshift turns one. That’s right, 365 awesome days! That may not sound like much, but in blipshift years, that’s like 24. We’ll be hoonibrating by (1) replacing our company water cooler jug with nothing but the finest PBR and (2) selling 24 past favorite designs in original form* all day long. Aw snap!

Folding, JDM-style

Guys, don't show your wife or girlfriend that you know how to do this or you will be living in laundry hell.



Nude Driving Incidents Continue Unabated. Blipshift Suggests Societal Pressure May be Our Only Hope.

Scarsdale, NY – October 10, 2012 – Since blipshift launched online earlier this year offering crowd-sourced limited edition t-shirts targeting the automotive enthusiast, the company had hoped to see a measureable reduction in the number of naked driving incidents reported in the popular media. Unfortunately, despite their increasing shirt sales, this has not been the case. Hay-Won Byun, blipshift’s Senior VP of Public Safety notes, “In our clinical trial, there was one incident of Randy Travis being arrested for driving naked prior to our company’s launch. Much to our disappointment, there have been a similar number of arrests of Randy Travis for driving naked since then, suggesting that our efforts at curbing naked driving are not meeting their potential.”


Traditional home remedies, such as shouting, “Dude, put some clothes on!” have proven ineffective. The blipshift team remains unbowed and believes that their new strategy being announced today will help. “Rather than depend on the naked driver to realize that he or she is both driving and naked, we believe that the friends, families and loved ones of naked drivers can assist. Social pressure and support groups may help where the path to self-cure has not. Therefore, beginning immediately, we intend to offer our customers the ability to purchase gift certificates for our shirts,” said Joe Oh, a company founder whose parents wanted him to become a doctor. “They will be available in several denominations, $25 and up, to cover the full clinical spectrum of veho nudus.”

Supporting Connor's Day

A couple weeks ago we read about a young boy’s fight with cancer and his father’s wish to organize a car show in his honor. Connor’s Day was scheduled to take place as a relatively small car gathering on September 8, 2012.

The ICONIC Poorsha mod

We here at blipshift are big fans of car guys (and gals) that put in a little extra effort to show their appreciation for their ride. Frankly, it doesn't even matter what you are driving, just make the most of what you've got.  Case in point is this modded Yaris photographed on the streets of New York City.