Time to bust out the red floor mats and put on your best racing suit, as the freshest and finest blipshift tees are strutting their stuff on the track walk for The Shiftee Awards! As we look back on the many artist and idea guys n' gals that made our lineup for the year possible, it was these works that took "apex everything" to heart and scored the Golden Torso.

The T-Shirt Drawer of Fame

Staff Picks From the Year

Apex Everything 80s

As a huge fan of the synthwave music genre, this spectacularly 80's tee was a match made in torso heaven. The artist really knocked it out of the park to the point that it also set the stage for the equally-awesome 70's version and others to come.



Up there with Rick Springfield's "Working Class Dog," the Llamaghini shows that anything is possible with the right animal. Much like determining the difference between a llama and alpaca, satire is a tricky game, but the Llamaghini delivered perfectly.


Chip Tuned

Chip Tuned is one of my favorites because we got quite a few submissions trying to make a similar joke, but when this one came in it really hit the nail on the head. It was nice to finally see the design come to life with the perfect punch line.


Garage Band

Always love a bit of car culture insider-knowledge mashed up with a pop culture reference.


Trackson Pollock II

I remember seeing it during our design review process and thinking, "Yes, immediately. We have to run this design". It was a refreshing and new take on doing car art and it also featured a great from one of the best eras of motorsport. Plus I came up with the name and I think it's brilliant.


Black Gold

As a fan of Whitesnake, I can appreciate anything outrageous from this time period. Black gooooooold, baby!


The Original Autopilot Mini

I know this was late in the year, but really loved this one because my husband and I binge Mr. Bean every winter. This episode is the funniest.


Flare Necessities

One of my favorite shirts, even though I don't know much about the car in the design. Anything that has Japanese writing I will always buy!


shiftee bust

The Stage 2 Award

Design Most likely to return in 2019

RSR Porsche

by Anthony Colard

Runners Up

Psycarlogy - André Shikay
Renn Sport - Tiago Fonseca

shiftee bust

The +5HP Award

Tee most likely to be made a sticker


by André Shikay

Runners Up

Shiftus Invictus - Davis Kunselman
Ledfoot Temptation - Nathan Avots-Smith

shiftee bust

The "It Belongs in a Museum" Award

Most Popular Print

Peak triangle

Peak Triangle
by Ar Rizza Deli Henri

Runners Up

RSR - Anthony Colard
Trackson Pollock II - Bomdesignz

shiftee bust

The "Poster Boaster" Award

Most Sold Wall Art

Shoot For The Sky Targa

Shoot For The Sky
by Dino Pros

Runners Up

Art in Motion - Ben Van Antwerp
Talking 'Bout My Gen - Dino Pros

shiftee bust

The "Hem Fatale" Award

Best Selling Women's Tee


by David Warmuth

Runners Up

Kuhlifornia II - André Shikay
Carlifornia Dreamin' - team blipshift

shiftee bust

The "Start 'Em Young" Award

Most Popular Kids Tee

Cartuned Cozy Coupe

Cartuned III
by Chad Seip

Runners Up

HPTE - Rob Matthes
Apexing Early - Chad Seip


New artists featured


Most published designs by one artist

shiftee bust

The Einstein Award

Most Successful Idea Submission

Finland O' Lakes

Finland O' Lakes
Idea by Sean Catterton

Runners Up

Q Division - Andrew Chan
On The Haus - Steve Matthews

shiftee bust

The Bestomod Award

Best selling design resto-mod

Pink Pig Cut Above

Cut Above The Rest 2018
by Dave Fowler

Runners Up

Get Skidward III - Dane Arnold
Don't Skip III - Richard Caminita

shiftee bust

The "Closet Stuffer" Award

Prolific new artist

Neon Dreams F40

Philip Couch

Runners Up

Hafis Idris
Robert Kane

shiftee bust

The "Michelshirtelo" Award

Most fruitful artist

The Smokeen Tire Safari

André Shikay

Runners Up

Dino Pros
Anthony McClinton


Number of submissions


Odds of being accepted

shiftee bust

The "Still Got It"

Biggest Hit By BS

Hello 10mm Socket

by team blipshift

Runners Up

Accident Prone

shiftee bust

The "And on that bombshell" Award

Biggest Bomb By BS

Black Gold 280ZX

Black Gold
by team blipshift

Runners Up

Worth Doing
Yellow Submarine

In Memory of...

designs that we weren't able to print

Lotus Submarine

And now a moment of silence for the concepts that could not get the green light. 

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