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The GR8est has been selected! The submissions for the GR8 Audi Tee Design Contest were all top notch and judging was hair pullin' tough job. After much deliberation at the company water cooler, a tournament of thumb wrestling, a couple games of Charades, and, of course, some much appreciated words from the good folks at Audi, we have a winner!

The day after Turkey Day is almost here and unless there's an asteroid hurtling towards earth that John McLane fails to blast into pieces, it's gonna happen*. Best just to accept your over-sized portion of mashed & stuffing and get on with it. Spoon some extra gravy on yer plate 'cause gooey brown flavoring might help dull the sound coming from the nearest relative at the table. (*Movie reference could be slightly off, but you get the idea.) 

The 2nd Annual Black Flag Friday Sale is flatout fast approaching! The flags wave November 28 @ 10 PM EST to December 1 @ 10 PM EST. To kickoff the super fast-ivities we're giving one apexing-of-everything-er A Shirtload Of Shirts, and two more apex-heads a $50 BFF shopping spree. Enter The 2014 BFF Apex All The Things Photo Contest for your chance to win!

Holy design submission-moly! We got a rock quarry's worth of entries to the LRP Tee Design Contest. The judging panel had to think long and hard over the awesome designs and ideas. Lime juice was consumed, rocks were skipped on water, heck, we even took long walks in the park. Rumor has it that Sam Posey and Skip Barber were seen slinging profanities at each other whilst in a best of 101 rounds of thumb wrestling competition to decide the winner (this could not be independently confirmed). In fact, there was so much lime-y goodness that we had to add a third runner up prize, she-powww!  Nevertheless, the judging panel had to finally decide on the top three, so here ya go! 

Blipshift Ties are all 100% woven silk with silk backing, handmade and stain resistant. Whether as your daily driver or saved for sunny Sunday morning drives on your favorite back roads, they are of highest, designer quality and should remain in great condition, if treated well.

They measure about 3-3.1” wide at their widest point, neither hipsterishly narrow nor grandpa’s hand-me-downs wide, and run a pretty standard 58-59” in length.

Double exploding fist bump time...

Design a tee for Lime Rock Park and you'll have a chance to win a One Day Skip Barber Racing School certificate worth over $2,000! And two runners up will each receive a $500 Skip Barber gift certificate!

No fun at work? Sock it up!

Are your feet as flat as your engine? Constantly shifting your heels and toes under your desk? PERFECT!

Last time you wore your blipshift tee to work, your boss nearly sent you home. Now sock-it to The Man Monday to Thursday and save your tees for dress down Friday.

Introducing... blipshift casual dress socks! Practice your heel-toe double clutch downshifts while filling out your TPS reports! Never fall asleep again during your company's annual goal-setting off-site, 56 person conference call or HR sensitivity training again 'cause you'll be busy counting gearshift patterns on your lower extremities. 

Regrettably not SFI rated but could add +5hp (human powers) to your daily walk, gain .01g of lateral cornering force over stock socks. Made of 80% Cotton for softness and 18% Nylon / 2% Spandex for elastic durability. Crew length (i.e. over the ankle, below mid calf).

One size, fits men's 7 to 12.5 shoe size or women's size 8.5 and up. Wash in luke warm/cold water and low heat tumble dry. Some shrinkage out of the drier can be expected but they'll stretch right back when you put 'em on. Lightweight to reduce unsprung mass. All socks are directional, symmetrical. We recommend rotating after ever wash cycle, or 3,000 walking yards, whichever comes first.